NELiX® Inc internet services include web site design, ecommerce solutions, merchant accounts, online payment processing, hosting, database design and custom development projects to fit your needs Chicagoland Web Site development - One Place. Multiple Solutions.


Why Choose NELiX Inc.?
Full Service Internet Development Provider

When shopping for web services, have you found it hard to understand the process, weigh the cost benefits, and find affordable, experienced developers? Are you settling for an out-of-date web site that lacks functionality and sends the wrong message to your market?

That's all about to change. You've put it off long enough. At NELiX® Inc., you get solid cost-benefits, dependable service and excellent direction for your web initiative.

NELiX® Inc. stays focused on the solution
Our staff follows a field tested methodology for defining a project that we have refined throughout years of experience. This methodology starts even before we've provided you with a proposal. We will gather supporting materials from you, ask you questions, answer your questions, and clarify project goals. We will review your requirements as determined through this process and tailor a complete solution to fit your needs.

NELiX® Inc. provides the full package
Our designers produce some of the best looking sites on the web. Our programmers have logged tens of thousands of hours building robust and feature rich applications. Our library of pre-built modules means many of the features you need have already been programmed and you won't have to pay the full cost of building them from scratch. We have our own, onsite data center which can host your application. Additionally, NELiX® Inc. provides all tools needed for a successful ecommerce site. This includes a state of the art virtual storefront, which can be integrated into your solution, highly competitive merchant accounts and our own, high end, highly secure, robust and feature rich payment processing gateway. The fact that we have all of these components under our control means that we can always select the best solution to meet your goals. It also means that you only have one party involved in your system - no more finger pointing!

NELiX® Inc. concentrates on detail
If your web site or web application hasn't been well structured, people will not use it. Every NELiX® Inc. project has the highest quality of design and programming with a focus on ease of use, intuitive navigation, and positive user experience. We also ensure that your site is always live when you host with us. Our data center and our payment processing gateway has a 99% uptime. We bring all components of your project together and make sure every aspect is given the attention it deserves.

NELiX® Inc. focuses on relationships
At NELiX, Inc, we firmly believe that your success is our success. We want you to succeed and will take every step possible to make that happen. This translates into everything we do and goes beyond your web development project. For instance, if we recognize a synergy between you and another client, we will introduce you in the hopes that you will be able to help each other's business. NELiX® Inc. knows if we help your company be successful that you will return with future projects and make us successful. This philosophy of doing business is why our clients don’t limit NELiX® Inc. as a vendor; they consider us as their partners.

NELiX® Inc. is the best
We strongly feel that we are a company that cannot be beat. By providing all components needed for any project, focusing on customer service, and a strong desire for mutual success, NELiX® Inc. produces some of the best sites on the Internet. Take a look at our portfolio for examples and look at our testimonials to see what our clients are saying about us. Then give us a call and see for yourself what we can do for you!




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