Our History

NELiX, Inc. was formed in 2000 to bring rich solutions to our customers. Our developers have been building websites since the birth of the World Wide Web. Our staff has continued to grow over the years. All of our developers work onsite at our office in Rolling Meadows, IL, with a wide breadth of knowledge.

We work with many non-profits, charitable organizations and associations. Most of our business however, comes from the corporate arena. On the corporate side, we work with small, medium and large businesses alike, and our experience spans dozens of industries. 100% of NELiX, Inc’s revenues come from development services.

NELiX, Inc. is well versed in all of the current and popular web technologies. We pride ourselves in learning new technologies as they become available. We believe in using the best tools available for the job in question, and we try to keep our toolbox full.

The majority of the systems we build are web based systems. We also build mobile apps, desktop apps, and other types of software. We have built systems of all shapes and sizes.

Every project is completely unique, and we approach it that way, even if there are similarities to other projects we’ve worked on. Each site has its own unique content, audience, and structure. We do not use templates when we build our sites – every site is designed uniquely based on design meetings and several rounds of revisions. We want to be proud of every site that we put up on the web.

Every project uses a proven methodology based on a timeline with milestones including a design phase, an implementation phase and a beta / testing phase. This allows us to provide our customers with the system that they envision, while controlling “scope creep”. Our design process helps solidify the direction of the project for both us and our customers, before a single line of code is written.

In addition to the development and services, our sister company, TRANSAX is a payment processing provider. TRANSAX is a registered ISO/MSP of Visa/MasterCard. Additionally, TRANSAX has its own online payment gateway technology.