Privacy Policy

In order to provide services, NELiX, Inc., is required to store and transmit select pieces of information. Services include but are not limited to the following:   Payment processing, Online Bill Pay. NELiX follows all security practices set forth by PCI-DSS, including but not limited to the following procedures to protect your information.

Storage of Information

For security and fraud detection purposes, NELiX requires the storage of certain pieces of information entered into any form that collects billing  information, including, but not limited to, credit card and bank account information,  first and last name, street/billing address, city, state, zip code, expiration date, email address, and the agreement to the terms of service. The IP address of your computer that is assigned by your Internet Service Provider will be stored as well as all e-mail communications.

You are required to provide accurate information as well as up-to-date information when processing a transaction through the NELiX Gateway.   Failure to do so will void all agreements between you and NELiX and will result in cessation of services.  This information will assist us in customer support as well as fraud protection.

Changes to this policy

NELiX reserves the right to modify this policy at any time.  All updates will be posted on the privacy policy of the website.  It is the merchant’s responsibility to monitor the page for changes in the privacy policy.

Release and Transmission of Information

NELiX will release information only as required to by law.  NELiX will not sell information to any third party.  Billing information will never be shared with any institution or individual, other than what is necessary to process payments. 

NELiX provides advanced security measures to prevent outside sources from gaining access to any information stored in systems owned and operated by NELiX.  Security measures are in place to prevent outside parties to gain physical access to our data storage and hosting centers.  All stored information is also protected behind state of the art firewall security.

In order to process transactions, NELiX will communicate necessary pieces of information with credit card and ACH processing networks  in order to process the transaction.  Current encryption standards are used and in place at all steps throughout the process to ensure that cardholder data cannot be compromised.

NELiX employees will only have access to information as needed for performing the functions of NELiX, processing transactions, troubleshooting problems and providing customer service.