Web Applications

"Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent." ~ Joe Sparano

Do something for your visitors

The defining characteristic of a great website is not that it looks nice and promotes a company, but that it does something for your visitors. A website can now conduct surveys, accept orders, track time logs, process payments, connect remote locations, and the list goes on. A website with well-developed functionality decreases workload, speeds up response times, increases efficiency, decreases human errors, and improves the output of your company. It's no longer enough for a website to display text. It's time that your website does the work for you.

NELiX enables our clients to achieve new levels of success by developing online applications that take the complex and make it simple. Our team of expert programmers will work with you to analyze your work-flow from start to finish. We want to understand what works well for you and what has caused pains. This analysis allows us to present ways that technology can condense tasks or get rid of unnecessary steps along the way. Then, our proven methodology of programming and implementing web applications will produce functional technology with the proper foundation to yield robust, long term solutions you can rely on.

What sets NELiX apart from competitors in this arena is our experience and comprehensive list of capabilities. We have been developing custom web applications from start up companies to Fortune 500’s ranging across hundreds of industries since March 2000. With a lengthy background in Internet history, we have the knowledge and means to address any project without the danger of dropping into old pitfalls and the certainty to plan for future Internet evolutions. Combined with our design capabilities, database development, our library of pre-built software and our sister company’s (NELIX TRANSAX LLC) payment processing expertise, and proprietary payment gateway – TRANSAX Gateway, NELiX Inc. is able to work with you on all facets of your web development project and find solutions to complex scenarios. This means you will not only benefit from our highly knowledgeable staff, but also have the opportunity to consolidate providers making future maintenance far easier.

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