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NELiX® Inc. Portfolio : Application & Database

Our developers were writing applications and customizing databases long before the invention of the World Wide Web. We have built hundreds of non-internet applications in a wide variety of technologies ranging from small single user applications on a stand alone PC to large applications running on a WAN with hundreds of users across the world.

Database Technologies: SQL Server, 4th Dimension, Oracle, Microsoft Access, FoxPro, FileMaker, etc.

Client Name
Non Web
Project Notes
AAfPE - American Association for Paralegal Education
Abbott Labs
Alamo Water Refiners
AMC Institute
AWS - American Women Surgeons
Pacific Imports
Automated Professional Marketing
Aside from developing, we developed a very large internal system to manage all of this call centers business needs.
Aurico Investigations
Aurico Reports, LLC
  Aside from developing Aurico's website and extensive report ordering and delivery system, NELiX, Inc. also developed Aurico's internal information system to handle their back office process.
BRK Brands, Inc.
CCM - Council of Communication Management
CopyMor, Inc.
Developed a full featured inventory system including features such as order entry, perpetual inventory, sophisticated location tracking, kitting / de-kitting, in-depth reporting, e-mail notifications, etc.
CRCA - Chicago Roofing Contractors Association
Diamond Insurance Group, Ltd
  NELiX, Inc. developed a full featured policy writing system including quoting, claims tracking, actuarial processes, and much more as well as a full feature website which communicates with their internal policy writing system.
Fast Heat
FAME - Florida Associations for Media in Education
Gilead Center
Grecian Delight Inc
Harley Davidson
Order entry system used to place orders with their printing vendor, CopyMor, Inc.
Healthcare Service Corporation
Developed a system used to track the real estate holdings of this Health care giant
Hewitt Associates
Order entry system used to place orders with their printing vendor, CopyMor, Inc.
Hollywood Blvd
IAAMC - Association for Assoication Management Companies
IUVA - International Ultrviolet Association
ITT Technical Institute
Order entry system used to place orders with their printing vendor, CopyMor, Inc.
Marcy B. Miller and Associates
MBH Commodity Advisors
Developed numerous systems, such as an internal order entry and fulfillment system, a database used to generate seasonal trading graphs and a system allowing users to search through archives of trades over time.
Miller and Company
  We have written two systems for Miller and Company. The first, an account management system that allows users to manage their accounts remotely. Second, an online quoting system.
NATCO - The Organization for Transplant Professionals
National Propane Gas Association
  For NPGA, we developed a system to guide users through their scholorship process, from application to judging to awarding the scholorship.
Ogilvy & Mather
Developed an Employee / HR database for Ogilvy and Mather, as well as a Card Catalog / Resource tracking database and portfolio / candidate tracking system.
OAN - Orthopedic Associates of Naperville
Pelouze - Pelstar, LLC
Developed an application to assist doctors that ran on a Palm or PocketPC
She Beads Online
Given guidelines on a design, we implemented and integrated with our e-commerce technology
Solomon Schechter
Developed a full featured registration system for Solomon Schechter, including payment processing.
Stoelting Co.
Order entry system used to place orders with their printing vendor, CopyMor, Inc.
UBS Warburg
Developed a system to track employees international travel via American Airlines between their major hubs
Veritas Document Solution



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