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3-5 page web site designed and hosted for one year. You get all the great benefit's of our NELiX® Inc. ONE package plus your web site developed by our seasoned professionals.
NELiX® Inc. ONE - $360/year
That breaks down to only $30/month
Our NELiX® Inc. ONE packages gives you 25 Meg of HD space, FrontPage or FTP, daily statistics, nightly backup, 5 e-mail addresses with
NELiX® Inc. TWO - $720/year
That breaks down to only $60/month!
Our NELiX® Inc. TWO packages gives you 50 Meg of HD space, FrontPage or FTP,daily statistics, nightly backup, 10 e-mail addresses with, Active Server Pages, Database connectivity and more!
NELiX® Inc. THREE - $960/year
That breaks down to only $80/month!
Our NELiX® Inc. THREE packages gives you everything the NELiX® Inc. TWO package does plus Macromedia Multi-User Server support!
You bring your currently configured server and put it on our network, here at our location. You share our high speed connection to the internet.
+ $950 setup fee.

We supply the server. We supply the support. We set it up. You have your own fully configured server dedicated to running your site and yours alone. Plus you get all the great features of our other packages. This is truly the ENTERPRISE solution.
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