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How We Price Projects

Some web design companies have you pick out your new web site from a menu of pre-created designs and buy one their “site packages” as a product. At NELiX® Inc., there are no menus or packages because we provide the service of designing and developing web sites and applications specifically for your unique company. As a service organization, our charges are based on the amount of time needed to meet the requirements of your project. We do the following to provide accurate quotes:

  1. Inquire – we review your industry, gather information about your company and purpose, and determine the “scope” of the project.

  2. Assess – The scope is everything NELiX® Inc. will accomplish for you by the project’s end. With the scope defined, our design and development team members assess how much time will be needed to complete the those tasks

  3. Review – After assessing the work, we normally see several ways to design a site, development a database, navigate through a process, etc. NELiX® Inc. will present you with the options available and explain how each one affects the project, your company, and your clients so that you make the most informed decision.

  4. Propose – When the review is done, we will provide you with a fixed bid proposal. Our proposals outline the entire project and line item each area of design or development so you can easily breakdown the areas of cost. A fixed bid proposal means that, regardless of how much time we thought it would take, NELiX® Inc. will not increase the price pertaining to the agreed upon project scope.

Our goal from the start of a project to the end of the project is to have shared understanding and clarity of purpose. NELiX® Inc. wants to make sure that you know what you are spending going into the project and what you will get out of the project.

Due to the nature of some projects, a fixed bid proposal may not be suitable or possible. In these scenarios, NELiX® Inc. can still provide project estimates, but end costs will be determined by the actual amount of time used and, where applicable, materials purchased. If you feel that your project will fit this scenario, please contact one of our sales representatives at 888-318-1388.




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